Controlled Quality

is a devise and one stop business solutions organization with combination of novelty and expertise to prop up our clients  services and products.

Founded more than 16 years ago, based on the thriving customer business solutions of a delivery with processes ranging from customized business solutions development of IT infrastructures up to security operating systems, our developed base swathe the satisfied customer hub.

Our Solutions assistance includes:

1 – Social Media / SEO Management
2 – Business and IT Program Management
3 – Business feat enhancement
4 – Organizational and community transform concern
5 – Endeavor structural design Services
6 – Service Oriented Architecture Services
7 – Information Security consultancy
8 – IT Infrastructure Consultancy
9 – Systems Management consultancy

From our center of operations in Dubai’s busy southern corridor, the CQ Group runs a network of clientele base that stretch across the UAE and into the Gulf and the Middle East. Our markets, however, reach far beyond into the Indian subcontinent, the CIS countries, Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Over the decades, we have developed influential enterprises with some of the world’s preeminent brand names and principals based in East Asia, Europe and the US, and several of these have matured into extraordinarily long-term relationships.

We are constantly seeking new opportunities to partner with people that are themselves looking to expand into new markets. Increasingly, these companies appreciate the advantages of partnering with CQ– as a venerable organization that has strengthened infinitely over the past decade.

Whether you necessitate all of our skills, a combination, or sustain in a particular part we can deliver a Logical approach that will not only widen your business but also, will be cost effective.

Our design panel is dedicated to providing unsullied and vibrant ideas and our skills also comprise corporate identities, website design and management, display systems, security solutions and on-screen presentations.

As we are enthusiastic in the planning and buying of all vicinity of media, our services are backed by worth experience grown at regional, national and international echelon.

Controlled Quality also facilitates the customers to classify stratagem which concentrate on key business and technology confront. We proffer an extensive assortment of IT consulting services which assists our patrons to turn business necessities into technology blueprints for the triumphant growth of intricate solutions.

Our consulting services broaden across all the strategic and operational concerns of business change enabling companies to grab new prospects and to fully utilize technology as an enabler of transform.

Our history consists of delivering business significant solutions and composite IT projects. Our approach incorporates the process, the people, and technology proficiency that fortify successful solutions. Our professionals are connoisseur in managing the interests of the various stakeholders implicated in key programs of revolutionize.

We will be very gratified of you if you will spare your precious moment to glance through our website.
We bring into being highly scalable business solutions, with the striving aphorism of our clients success which imitates a core element of our services manifesto. We are realizing this by focusing on the three single most important business growth aspects: defining and reaching client scenario, diagnosis conversion and customer retention.

Advantages of our expertise Consultancies are:

Our veteran consultants and their innovative methodology will facilitate in leveraging the prevailing IT infrastructure and technology in new customs.
We help businesses to be responsive to the growing industry demands by providing adaptable and bendable skills solutions.
Our innovative frameworks and methodology endow with value-added service to the clients.
We are helping clients to integrate the business strategy along with technology to congregate their business objectives.